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14 – 28 September, 2020

First Draft of Itinerary

$3,800 to $4,000 estimate per person, ppdo, cash cost, credit cost + 3%

Includes Transfers to and from airport, roundtrip transatlantic airfare, bus and train transport, private ensuite accommodations, some breakfasts, most admissions

Monday, 14 September
Charter bus departs Elite Bus, 1685 W. Main St, Ephrata at _________... charter bus takes us to New York area airport… _________________Airlines Flight #______departs ______ (meals provided).

Tuesday, 15 September
____________flight arrives in Paris at ________ AM…2-3 hour bus to Bayeux… Bayeux is only 6 miles from the D-Day beaches and is a great place to wander… it is famous for its 70 yard ancient Tapestry depicting the events surrounding the 1066 Norman Conquest… its beautiful town center, containing many timber-frame buildings, and cathedral were miraculously spared damage from WWII… Bayeux is also home to the Museum of the Battle of Normandy and a War Cemetery and Memorial…We will stay at a 3 star hotel for 3 nights

Wednesday, 16 September
Day dedicated to D-Day sights, with and without guides…visits will include:
*Omaha Beach, forefront in our minds for the terrifying, bloody slaughter that occurred June 6, 1944… It has a Memorial Museum with life-size dioramas illustrating the battle.
* Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, one of the most solemn and affecting pieces of land along the coast…It is the resting place for 9,385 American dead, buried it rows of serene white crosses, just above the beach.
*Pointe du Hoc, a one-hundred foot cliff scaled by Army Rangers
* Carentan, a small town that linked Omaha Beach and Utah Beach, home to the interesting Dead Man’s Corner Museum
* Utah Beach, another American landing zone
Stay in Bayeux

Thursday, 17 September
Day dedicated to D-Day sights, with and without guides…visits will include:
• Sword Beach and Juno Beach and Gold Beach, important landing zones
• Atlantic Bunker Museum and Merville Battery and Longues-sur-Mer Battery
• Arromanches with its Mulberry Harbor
• Memorial Peace Museum in Caen, the most compelling museum in the area
• Stay in Bayeux

Friday, 18 September and Saturday, 19 September
Drive to Paris…We will stay at a 3 star Hotel for 2 nights in the heart of the Marais, in historical Paris, within walking distance of many famous sights… the Marais is one of the few neighborhoods that has pre Revolution architecture… we will have most of this day and the next day for sightseeing, with and without guides…walks in the heart of Paris…we will options that will include sightseeing and walking and time for those who want more time in museums…we will visit the Eiffel Tower, Hotel Invalides, Rue Cler, Arc de Triomphe, Ille de Paris and Ille de St. Louisalk in Latin Quarter, Sacre Coeur in Montmarte

Sunday, 20 September
Drive 2-3 hours to Champagne… We will drive on the Champagne Routes, winding along hillside vineyards, and visit wine making villages… tour of Champagne cellar… we will stay 1 night at a 3 star hotel in the historic city of Reims… Reims has handsome pedestrian boulevards, Roman remains, and a flourishing dining scene… Reims is most famous for its huge Gothic cathedral… Reims also has the museum where the Germans surrendered to General Eisenhower.

Monday, 21 September
We drive 2-3 hours to Lorraine and its under rated cities and its WWI battlefields…more than 1,000,000 American troops participated in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in 1918… we will visit:
• Verdun battlefields… we will visit the Verdun Memorials and museums that tell the insightful story about 300,000 soldiers killed and 400,000 wounded during horrific fighting
• Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, the largest US military in Europe, where 14,246 are buried
• Lorraine American Cemetery, the largest US WWII Cemetery in Europe
Stay 1 night at a 3 star hotel in Verdun or Metz

Tuesday, 22 September
We will drive to the country of Luxembourg… we will stay 2 nights in a 3 star hotel in Luxembourg City (LC)… LC is majestically set across the deep gorges of 2 rivers and is 1 of Europe’s most scenic capitals… its UNESCO listed old town is a warren of tunnels, nooks and crannies. We will have time to walk in this beautiful town.

Wednesday, 23 September
We hope to have 2 options this day, 1 for military history and 1 for wine villages…
the military history tour will focus on towns and places made famous in the 1944-1945 Battle of the Bulge
• Bastogne, famous for its museum and Mardasson American War Memorial
• Bastogne Barracks, where General McAuliffe said, “NUTS”, when asked to surrender
• Malmedy, famous for it’s a museum dedicated to a massacre of American POWs

The wine village tour will focus on the Moselle River Valley, forming the border with Germany… this river is flanked by steeply rising banks ribboned with vineyards. There is a scenic stretch of the river with a succession of villages and wineries.

Thursday, 24 September
We will drive through the heartland of Belguim… the top highlights here are a series of enticing cities featuring fabulous medieval market places, cobbled streets, belfries, and begijnhoven…and, oh, we will sample the best cuisine and beer in Europe… its beautiful Bruges that steals the show with its atmospheric, picture-perfect waterways lined with step-gabled houses… we will stay 4 nights at a 3 star hotel in Bruges

Friday, 25 September, Saturday, 26, September, Sunday, 27 September
These 3 days will include:
• Time to explore Bruge, with and without guides
• Explore thought-provoking WW1 sights and cemeteries of Ypres Salient (Flanders fields, Passendale), and preserved trenches
• Visit the hopfields and breweries near Veurne, Diksmuide, and Poperinge in Flanders
• Visit nearby Dunkirk, France to see the famous evacuation beach
• Take trains to Brussels and Ghent, cities with a wealth of medieval architecture
Stay 3 nights in Bruges

Monday, 28 September
___________ flight #_______ departs Brussels at _______ and arrives in New York at ___________..eturn to Ephrata

This itinerary is subject to change. Thank you.

This itinerary is subject to change. Thank you.
Sources: Lonely Planet Guides to France, Lonely Plane Guide Belgium and Luxembourg; Moon Guide to Normandy and Brittany

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