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EBT has a passion for sharing the joys of off-the-beaten path travel. EBT has had the privilege of leading groups since 1996.
What distinguishes a EBT tour from other tours?

     INDEPENDENCE - EBT offers sightseeing tours and walks to familiarize its travelers, but they are encouraged to explore towns and cities on their own. Travelers are given the freedom to make their own discoveries and find that special place or restaurant that is meaningful to them. They can plan a walk on their own and choose their own path for the day. EBT cultivates and accommodates as much individuality as is possible in a group setting.

      FLEXIBILITY - EBT tours have a daily itinerary, but it is not etched in stone. EBT strives to give its travelers choices that will enhance their experience. Some of the best experiences are the result of spontaneous changes in plans. Not every moment is regimented. EBT has great respect for its travelers and frequently asks them for their input on how much time they want for a particular sight or place. Sometimes Plan “A” yields to Plan “B”, “B” to “C”, and so on. This flexibility has provided many serendipitous experiences, such as an Andrea Bocelli concert in the piazza in Siena, pub sing-alongs in rural Ireland, and festivals where the cows come down from their Alpine pastures in Austria.


      UNIQUE DESTINATIONS - Yes, we have visited London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, and Venice. When we do, we see the famous landmarks that everyone else sees. We also venture into neighborhoods to seek the real culture of everyday people. We stroll through markets in areas not often visited by Americans. We take evening walks that accentuate the beauty and vibrance of cities. However, as the company name implies, we visit the backroads of the countries. EBT is not interested in covering great distances, going from country to country. We see a few regions, usually in one country at a time, in some depth. EBT is doing its job when locals ask us how we ever found their town and that they have never seen Americans in their town. EBT travelers will frequently show their itinerary to locals and the locals will be amazed that an American actually knows about the places we visit.

      UNIQUE TRANSPORT AND ACCOMMODATIONS - EBT seeks as much contact with locals as possible. Our tours feature travel in trains, postal/public buses, trams, subways, and ferries, although we do use charter buses in countries where public transport is difficult. Most tours insulate travelers from contact with locals. When EBT travelers converse with locals on the train, when EBT travelers share a Swiss postal bus with school children, the worlds of both are enriched. We stay in 2 or 3 star small, family hotels that offer charm and character. Sometimes we stay in small bed and breakfasts. We usually stay 2 or 3 nights to avoid constant packing and unpacking. It is your vacation, and a relaxed tempo and atmosphere is important.


            COMPATIBILITY - It has been a genuine blessing to see how well the group gets along with each other during the tour. Each year, the tour “veterans” quickly make the newcomers comfortable and welcome. We share breakfasts at most hotels and a certain camaraderie and bonding develops on the tours. Many strangers have become friends and contact frequently continues after the tour ends.

      AFFORDABILITY - EBT strives to make its tours affordable to a wide range of people. The joys of travel do not belong only to the wealthy. EBT aims for value, not pretense. Many of our travelers say they never thought they could afford a European trip. It is very satisfying to help make a dream come true.





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